Dayton Center Church

Not just a church, A family

What to Expect

Visiting Dayton Center Church...
We realize visiting a new church can be a new experience, and even a scary experience for some.  For this reason, we try to make the experience as welcoming and refreshing as possible.  We hope that you enjoy your time with us, and we also hope that you will continue to join with us in worship of our God.

Our Services...
On Sunday, we have 3 services:
Sunday School 10am
Sunday School is a time for teaching & discussion on the Word of God.  Smaller groups offer an opportunity for deeper discussion with those at the same stage of life.  We offer classes for all ages.  

Morning Worship 11am

Morning Worship is a time for singing praises to our God, worship through giving, and preaching from God's Word.  Everyone will join together in the auditorium until our special music.  During this part in the worship, we will dismiss the 4 year olds - 6th grade to Junior Church, while the teens and adults remain in the auditorium for the preaching of God's Word. 

Junior Church is a time for the children to be taught on their level, but also sing and have snacks.  

Nursery is available during the Morning Worship for infants - 3 year olds.  

Evening Worship 6pm

Evening Worship is a bit more informal than Sunday Morning.  We usually sing praises, give testimonies, and listen to the preaching of God's Word.  Positive discussion during the preaching is promoted to stir more thought on the subject we are studying.  Nursery is available for infants - 3 year olds.

Am I Expected to Participate in the Offering?
No. We don't desire anyone to feel obligated to give.  We just want you to feel welcome at our church.  And our desire is for you to find Dayton Center a church that longs to serve God, and a group of believers that you would desire to be a part of for growing in God's Word.   
Am I expected to have a certain attire? 
No. We will not have people checking to make sure your attire meets a certain standard.  We only desire for you and your family to join with us.  
What do people usually wear?
Clothes.  Our pastor and many others of our church family will dress in a more "traditional Sunday dress."  Others will wear more of a "business casual," but others will wear casual.  We only desire for you to feel welcome here with Dayton Center Church.