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Sermon Recordings

We hope that you are encourage and challenged by these sermons from God's Word.  If you have problems with the audio, please follow the link provided to enable the flash player on your browser.  

1 Peter - Joy for the Exile

Who's Who of 1 Peter - April 15th

1 Peter 1:1-2
Pastor Taylor (Joy for the Exile )

Don't Take It For Granted - May 6th 

1 Peter 1:1-2
Pastor Taylor (Joy for the Exile )

Reaction to Reality - May 27th

Pastor Taylor

Survival in a Foreign Land - June 3rd

Pastor Taylor

In the Eye of the Beholder

Pastor Taylor

Make Every Moment Count - September 16th

September 16
Make Every Moment Count

The Fiery Trial - September 23rd

September 23
The Fiery Trial

Shepherding God's Flock - September 30th

September 30
Shepherding God's Flock

The Answer to Anxiety - October 7th

October 7
The Answer to Anxiety

Rallying Together Against Satan - October 14th 

October 14
Rallying Together Against Satan

Message from Josh Mead - October 21st

October 21st, 2018
Josh Mead (Missionary Sermon)

People & Purpose of 2 Peter - October 28th

Oct. 28th, 2018
People & Purpose of 2nd Peter

Confidence in God's Promises - November 4th

Nov. 4th, 2018
Confidence in God's Promises

Confidence in Your Growing Faith - November 11th

Nov. 11th, 2018
Confidence in Your Growing Faith