Dayton Center Church

Not just a church, A family

About Us

3633 Phelps Lake Road, Silverwood, MI 48760

Dayton Center Church was established back in 1865, and after 150 years many changes have been made.  The buildings and grounds have changed over the years to accommodate the people and ministry growth.  The people have come and gone due to economy and other ministry opportunities.  The pastors have served and moved on to other ministries.  But one thing remains the same: The Mission.   

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote and engage in God-centered worship and service, to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ, to grow the believer with the Word of God, and to have godly fellowship, remaining true to the Word of God in everything we do.

We are a Non-denominational church affilated with the Independent Fundamental Churches of America.